“The Preaching Life” by Barbara Brown Taylor: A Book Review

THE PREACHING LIFE by BARBARA BROWN TAYLOR A Book Review I wonder if Barbara Brown Taylor wrote her own book description on the back of The Preaching Life.[1] If she did, I would be surprised because it does not match the meat of the text. The first descriptive sentence on the back flap—that magical place … Continue reading “The Preaching Life” by Barbara Brown Taylor: A Book Review

The World Needs More Housekeepers

In Titus 2, Paul instructs that elder women should teach young women to be "keepers of/at home." It sounds simple. But physical commands have spiritual counterparts, so what does it mean to keep a home…in the spiritual sense? The Greek word translated "keepers at home" or "homemakers" is a compound word - oikouros (derived from … Continue reading The World Needs More Housekeepers

The Unpardonable Sin (Part 1)

I'm giving some serious thought to forgiveness as we approach the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. As a side not, I acknowledge that this piece is particularly heavy with scriptural references, but since the topic is a little controversial in Christian circles, I thought it would be a helpful tracking device for my train of … Continue reading The Unpardonable Sin (Part 1)

The Unpardonable Sin (Part 2)

There is a passage which reads: "And the scribes and the Pharisees began to reason, saying, `Who is this that doth speak evil [blasphemia] words? Who is able to forgive sins, except God only?'" (Luke 5:21). In this passage the noun is Greek blasphemia, intimately associated with the verb Luke uses in his "blasphemy against … Continue reading The Unpardonable Sin (Part 2)